Copy of The Shoe

The Einar Shoe

The shoe that our grandpa left us is what we like to call a café shoe. A style loved for its causal elegance and soft comfort. It was a very common model from the 1940’s to the 1980’s when shoemakers around the Mediterranean made them by the thousands. It is easy to imagine someone wearing those shoes while having an afternoon drink outside a lazy café.

2020, a refined version / Bringing a classic into a new era.

But we didn’t just put the old shoe back in production. We wanted it to suit the most concerning customers we know, ourselves. So we refined the shape slightly, to make it more contemporary, and we went for the softest woven leather and the most exclusive and flexible construction, the Bologna construction.


Soft woven leather

The woven leather is the signum of our Einar shoes. It adds a great deal of style and detail to the shoe, but it is more than just an aesthetic feature. Many woven shoes can be surprisingly rigid, not ours. The weave and the soft Italian calf skin, grants a gentle experience and lets the shoe follow your foot.

Bologna construction

We think true luxury is defined by joy and pleasure and we didn’t want to compromise. That is why we upgraded the original construction to the legendary Bologna construction. Also known as the saccheto-construction. An advanced construction used in the most luxurious shoes because it provides such unrivalled comfort. Saccheto is Italian for pouch, and refers to the practice of sealing the upper and inner sole to a sock before attaching a thin and flexible outer sole with a Blake stitch.

Easy fit

Few shoes welcomes your feet with a friendly hug on the first acquaintance, but our shoes does. The soft weave and the flexible sole makes it easy to find the right fit. Pick a size according to the length of your foot and the shoe will shape to your feet. This is why we have so few returns. Check our size guide for more information.

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