Woven Style


A Forgotten Classic
Refined for Today

Bay & Wall started with a pair of shoes from our Grandpa Einar.
Inspired by the versatility of the woven shoe, we refined the model
for the 2020s and made it more comfortable than ever.


Add some flair to any outfit, any hour of the day.
More polished than sneakers, more playful than oxfords.

"Exceeded expectations!
Superb execution guys, totally love them.”

— Anders Schäfer

Buy Einars

Buy Einars

Our original woven dress shoe.

Buy Loafers

Buy Loafers

No laces, no fuzz.

A Luxurious Choice

We've paired the best materials with the finest craftsmanship.
Our shoes are made by a family of shoemakers in the Marché region of Italy.

in Italy

The soft upper is woven by hand by our shoemaker artisans.
Get the details about our Einar shoes.

A Blast from
the Past

Classic style and future quality.
Learn about the inspiration behind Bay & Wall

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