Shoe Care


The short answer is, the same way you care for a normal leather shoe. So with a little bit of love, our handcrafted Einar shoes will age beautifully. Below, we have created a quick guide to get the most out of your shoes.

Keep them shining

Leather is a fantastic material, and by nurturing it regularly with some essential oils, it will stay fantastic. So make sure to give your shoes a rub with shoe cream or polish every now and then. For the best result, it is key not to use too much cream or polish at once. To make it easy, we’ve broken it down into five steps to care for your woven shoes:

  1. Remove shoelaces.
  2. Clean your shoe. Use a brush or a damp cloth to wipe off any dirt that could scratch your shoe.
  3. Apply shoe cream or polish. Use a product in a suitable color and apply it with a cloth or brush. Use a small amount at a time, and work your cloth/brush against another surface, such as the lid, to make sure there are no lumps when you apply the polish. Go over the shoe and apply the polish with small circular motions. Add more polish when needed.
  4. Let both shoes dry for ten minutes.
  5. Use a dry shoe brush or soft cloth and brush or buff your shoes to remove excess polish and add some shine
Wear them dry

Let your shoes rest for a day before you put them on again. Leather shoes are super comfortable as the leather transports moist away from your feet. But moist leather wears faster than dry leather. This applies to all leather shoes, sneakers, oxfords, and our shoes. A proper pair of shoe trees will help. Finally, if the shoes are wet from rain, let them dry away from a heat source.

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