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Our grandpa's old shoe blew us away. It just struck the perfect balance between casual and elegant. Relaxing a suit or adding some flair to a pair of jeans. It seemed like the missing shoe that we had been looking for all our lives. So incredibly easy to wear with anything and so comfortable you could wear them always.

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Einar shoes with white trousers
Woven leather shoes and blue suit
Brown woven shoes and jeans

Reviving a classic

The shoe that our grandpa left us is what we like to call a café shoe. A style loved for its casual elegance and soft comfort. It used to be a common type of shoe, with various models popping up from the 1940s to the 1980s. Shoemakers around the Mediterranean made them by the thousands. It is easy to imagine someone wearing those shoes while having an afternoon drink outside a lazy café.

We went further than to just put the old shoe back in production. We wanted it to suit the most concerning customers we know, ourselves. So we refined the shape slightly to make it more contemporary, and we went for the softest woven leather and the most exclusive and flexible construction, the Bologna construction.

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Wear them sockless


Wear them with shorts or suit


Wear them for work or leisure


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Soft woven leather shoe with flexible sole
Soft woven leather shoe with flexible sole
Soft woven leather shoe with flexible sole

Made in Italy

We produce our shoes in the Marche region of Italy. An area with a long tradition of making luxury shoes. Every village is full of small workshops with highly skilled artisans, each one specializing in some part of the shoemaking process. Generations of shoemakers have developed a way of cooperation where different artisans' skills complement each other. This collaborative spirit makes the Marche region ideal to produce a sophisticated shoe like ours.

Some words from our customers:

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Kickstarted in 2018

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